Pods is powerful, established, and FREE

We believe that price shouldn't be an obstacle in getting you started building powerful, data-driven websites.

Just because we're free doesn't mean we're not valuable.
If you find value from the websites you build with the Pods Framework, please consider giving back to the project by joining Friends of Pods.

Our Mission

We have spent tens of thousands of hours working hard to bring you Pods for free. Pods is committing to providing the WordPress community free tools to ensure that everyone has access to building and creating projects for the web. Pods enables people to spend less time dealing with the structure of their project and rather enables them to focus on their application or website, saving valuable time. Pods provides a vital base to build from which reduces the overall amount of code and lifts the burden of maintenance.

You could easily pay hundreds of dollars a year for a plugin like Pods and get less functionality. We are proud to offer full support of our plugin and it's functionality for free. We're often asked why we don't have a freemium model but the answer is always – We want to enable the internet to build and create projects of all sizes, regardless of budget.

This is where you come in. We need your help to continue releasing new features and enhancements for Pods on an ongoing basis. We have many goals for Pods long term, but none of that is possible if we can't count on support from the community.

Joining is Rewarding

Check out the many possible discounts and perks available for joining Friends of Pods. Our Partners donate because they believe in the project as much as you do.

Be Part of a Community

Joining Friends of Pods makes you part of a larger community of users and businesses who have chosen to support the Pods Framework because they believe its valuable. You could be part of this growing list of wonderful Pods People.

Become a Partner

Do you have a plugin or tool or resource that you'd like to promote to our community of Friends? You can help us out and get additional business at the same time. Learn more about our Partner program.

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